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Doggy Bag Approved

on December 17, 2012

It happens when you least expect it, a cold tickle on your knee, a touch from a paw on your thigh, the adorable and endearing glare of his big brown eyes, you just can’t help it. The morsel of food drops from your fingertips into his mouth and you give him a pat on the head. We can all agree, sometimes it is too difficult to turn down our furry friends and we succumb to feeding them table scraps. Luckily for both parties there are foods that are safer and more nutritious for pet parents to sneak into the mouths of their deserving dogs.

  1. Cooked chicken- good source of added protein
  2. Cooked salmon- source of omega 3 fatty acids, support your dogs immune system
  3. Eggs- great protein boost, easily digestible riboflavin and selenium
  4. Baby carrots – good for the teeth, contains fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamin A
  5. Fresh Green beans- low in calories and nutritiously filling
  6. Pumpkin- good source of fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin A, and can sooth digestive issues
  7. Apple slices- helpful teeth cleaner, good source of fiber, vitamin A and C
  8. Cooked oatmeal- good source of soluble fiber, regulates bowel irregularity, replacement for dogs allergic to wheat
  9. Peanut butter- good source of protein, healthy heart fats, vitamin B and E
  10. Plain Yogurt- high in calcium and protein

Remember! Each dog may react to or digest these foods differently. Try them in small amounts and if your dog experiences any sort of discomfort or negative reaction contact a vet immediately. But these 10 nutritious foods should leave your dog happy and healthy.

Looking for a “during the meal activity” for your dog that does not include begging for table scraps? Giving them an antler or bone to chew can keep your dog calm and occupied. Also, filling a Kong toy with peanut butter can keep him distracted for hours, (or at least until dessert). Check out for dog and cat friendly chews and treats.



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