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Our Story

on December 5, 2012

Company: Northshore Pet Chef

Born: June 2011

Location: Highland Park, IL

Passion: Nurturing the health and happiness of  your dogs and cats

Mission: To provide excellent service within the North Shore of Chicagoland and to ensure the freshness and quality your best friend deserves.

Northshore Pet Chef grew out of a need and a passion. Rob Freeman,  head pet chef and company founder, saw a gap in the accessibility of nutritious and wholesome food and treats for dogs and cats. Along with filling this gap Rob was determined to give back to the community by providing fresh and nutritious products bundled with exceptional service at a strong value to the pet and the pet parent. Northshore Pet Chef strives to be the source and provider of all natural and fresh pet products in the North Shore Chicagoland area. Making pet nutrition accessible to pet parents and providing pet families with the knowledge and resources to fill the bellies and souls of our dogs and cats with all natural and healthy food, treats, chews, and love.

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